Our Mission

At Integrative Psychology Services we promote balance – the ‘balance’ of mind, body, and spirit – and when unbalanced can drastically affect our overall health and quality of life!

When you look at that picture, what are you thinking? Freedom. Happiness. Empowered. Strength. Regardless of age, we live in a world full of physical, mental, and emotional stressors, which we all experience these stressors on a daily basis. How we manage them, is key. Yet, despite our best attempts, we don’t always do it in a productive way. This often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

All of what we do at Integrative Psychology Services is focused on teaching each person how to focus on your strengths and address the more challenging aspects of your life. We help you learn how to tolerate the stressors of life, express your emotions in a positive manner, and change how you think, feel and, respond to life. Enjoying your life – regardless of what stage of life you are in – is key to optimal health and well-being. We help get you to that place on your terms and the way you want to.

If you or someone you care about can use a boost in this important area of overall health and well-being, consider consulting with a psychologist to learn how to mobilize your most powerful resource toward achieving total health — your mind!  Because how we manage that stress has important implications for mind, body, and spirit — drastically affecting overall health and quality of life!