Our Services

Let’s face it, as we age, it seems that we our stress increases, especially when we experience less independence and have to rely on other people for our care. A recent fall, misstep, surgery or short term memory loss often results in moving from our home of comfort to a nursing home or assisted living facility. It is a lot to deal with and it feels like an ever changing roller coaster ride. And yet, the stressful and overwhelming feelings experienced by the resident if also felt by their family. It is a difficult and challenging time for everyone. Adjusting to a new environment or a different life, is stressful.

Here at Integrative Psychology Services, we are here to help. We offer diverse and professional services specifically to the aging population and their families.  

Integrative Psychology Services provides services in assisted and independent living facilities, nursing homes, and through telehealth video and phone psychotherapy sessions. 

The Neuropsychology Center of North Jersey is unique in its delivery of comprehensive testing and assessments. The center offers a variety of diverse methods for evaluating attention span, orientation, memory, concentration, language (receptive and expressive), new learning, mathematical reasoning, spatial perception, abstract and organizational thinking, problem solving, social judgment, motor abilities, sensory awareness, emotional characteristics, general psychological adjustment and academics. We also conduct Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations, Workmen’s Comp Evaluations, and other neurological evaluations. Read more about our extensive testing and assessment services here.